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Sure, of course the Russians have advanced drone technology...

When the reports of UAP swarms around US Navy vessels were hitting the media last year, some were only too keen to write the objects off as simply foreign adversarial technology. Russian or Chinese drones, to you and me.

Here's a picture of a Russian drone brought down over Ukraine. It's an Orlan-10. As you can see, it's no more than a radio-controlled aircraft with a small piston engine (and examination of other crashed examples show they are often fitted with consumer-level Canon SLR cameras). You can also make out the duct tape this one has been repaired with, probably due to cracks appearing or other damage sustained during operations.

Pretty rudimentary technology. It's hard to believe that the Russians wouldn't break out the good stuff if they really wanted to win this war (I'm not going to use their stupid "special military operation" term). This isn't the good stuff. It can't hover in place for hours or defy identification by trained US Navy personnel. It's one step up from a balsa wood aircraft powered by a rubber band and looks like something a hobbyist could put together - and probably has!

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