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In the second half of 1954, France was the location of numerous UFO sightings, some of which involved encounters with or observations of strange beings. It was the first large-scale "wave" of reports that occurred outside the United States since the start of the modern-day UFO phenomenon at the end of June 1947.


A somewhat sceptical public found themselves bombarded with almost daily stories of strange lights, spherical craft or disc-shaped objects in their local newspapers, the press faithfully reporting on the hundreds of incidents that came to their attention. A few were hoaxes but the vast majority involved ordinary French citizens faced with the complete unknown.


This new book lists most of the cases where at least some detail beyond a simple "light in the sky" is mentioned, culled from contemporary newspaper accounts. It tells the story of a perplexed nation, one that found it difficult to make sense of what was happening. Witnesses being paralysed, vehicle engines stalling and small hairy beings - the cases here provide a fascinating look at the French UFO "wave" of 1954.

It is only available as an eBook at present. If demand becomes great enough, I will release it in softback & hardback formats after artwork in keeping with my other UFO-related titles is sourced.

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