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UAP Media UK were invited to spend time with Luis Elizondo in London, October 2021.

Left to right: Dan Zetterstrom, Vinnie Adams, me, Luis Elizondo, Dave Partridge and Andy McGrillen. Vinnie appears to be trying to pinch Lue's hat... 

I was fortunate enough to be asked to join the guys at UAP Media UK back in April 2021. They are a small but industrious collective of artists, authors, magazine creators, podcasters and researchers who are tirelessly working towards developing meaningful conversations with UK elected officials, the press, television and radio, the scientific and educational establishments regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena.

As part of the team, I write UAP-related articles and commentary pieces on breaking news and other developments, help to research various avenues of interest and generally try to highlight the issue on social media and in the UK press.

We were extremely honoured to be invited to lunch with Luis Elizondo, former Director of the Pentagon's UAP investigative program, whilst he was in London during the autumn of 2021.

For more details on UAP Media UK, click the icon.


Enjoying a beer or three with Ryan Sprague, host of the excellent "Somewhere in the Skies" podcast.


Meeting up with Andy McGrillen of "That UFO Podcast" fame...

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