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By January 1955, the United States Air Force had already established and terminated two official UFO investigation programs, & was now well into its third, Project Blue Book. Thousands of pages of witness testimony, reports, and analysis had already been typed up & yet little if anything was known about UFOs. These strange objects and lights were written off as planets, weather balloons, & other aircraft, whilst unidentified radar contacts were labelled as nothing more than weather-related phenomenon (“anomalous propagation”). The official USAF response regarding UFOs was that they simply did not exist.

Yet reports of sightings continued, reported by airline pilots, jet interceptor crews, & private plane owners across the world. Chasing Shadows: Aerial UFO Encounters 1955-1956 describes in detail their encounters during those two years, drawing from official air force intelligence reports, newspaper articles, & testimony of individual witnesses.

Chasing Shadows complements the author’s three previous volumes dealing with reports between 1946 and 1954 (Dawn of the Flying SaucersFlying Saucer Fever, and Intercept & Identify), plus his critically-acclaimed examination of the "Foo Fighter" phenomenon, UFOs Before Roswell: European Foo Fighters, 1940-1945.

Available as an eBook or in softback & hardback editions.

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