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SA3867 becomes SA4593

Here it is in black and white - the revised amendment, now sponsored by Kirsten Gillibrand, Marco Rubio and Martin Heinrich. It has bi-partisan support.

As a Brit, the intricacies of American politics fascinate, confuse and bewilder me in equal measures. However, given that the future study of UAP seems to be wrapped up in the language of political bills and amendments, I've had to take a crash course in how it all works.

The recent Gillibrand amendment to the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act, which caused a flurry of posts and comment on social media, not least #ufotwitter, has evolved again. SA3867 is dead. Long live SA3867 - at least in another guise, that of SA4593, which now bears the names of Marco Rubio and a new name, at least to this onlooker, Martin Heinrich. In terms of its differences, the new amendment appears to state that where advisors have to come from is no longer specified, and recommendations will be accepted from the specified places instead. Confused? I'm sure there will be a string of explanatory posts on Twitter during the rest of the day, and I'll read each and every one of them.

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