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How cool looking are these? (Totally impractical for space battles, though - I mean, just one missile and then you're out of ammunition?)

When I was a kid, I thrived on the Gerry Anderson stable of science-fiction puppet dramas - Stingray, Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. The intricate model work fascinated me, and I reproduced many of them using my Lego sets, which were nowhere near as fancy as they are today!

Anderson then brought out a series called UFO, which mixed live action with detailed models - some of which were available as die-cast models, as had been the case with Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet (I was the proud owner of a Thunderbird 2 and an SPV). So I ended up with a SHADO mobile, frightening the cat with little soft rubber tipped missiles that could be fired from a flip-top installation... and then there was the SHADO interceptor, pictured above. For some reason, Dinky produced it in green metal, not the white as used in the TV show. I always intended to repaint it using white enamel used in my Airfix kit endeavours, but never got around to it.

Not sure what kids today would make of such a series, but it was catnip to the likes of me back in the early 1970s.

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