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Right, where's the coffee and the matchsticks?

On the other channel, it's "Watching Paint Dry"... sounds appealing!

If it wasn't for HR4350 being voted on, there's no way I would have had the Senate proceedings live on a minimised box in the corner of my PC display yesterday afternoon/evening as I was working on other things. Disclaimer - I'm not a US citizen so am not fully aware of the minutiae involved in these sessions, but it seemed that there was very little going on, and for a l-o-o-o-n-g time. It wasn't even a vote on the National Defense Authorization Act either, simply a motion to proceed to the consideration of it.

Bernie Sanders got up and did a pretty good impression of Jeremy Corbyn, even managed to mention "the military industrial complex" a couple of times, so 20 points if you caught those. Another 10 points for spotting the young chap nearly falling off his seat in the background, and just what were those ladies with little screens on the end of strange contraptions doing? At least on the BBC Parliament Channel, when there's little going on, there's a handy voiceover telling you why that is.

I'm reliably informed that the session adjourned for the evening at around 2am GMT (so 9pm EST?) and will restart again today. Can't wait!

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